Female Presa Canario for Sale in Georgia

D&G Kennels is home to a diverse group of purebred Presa Canario females who come from award-winning lineages. Unlike other Presa kennels in Georgia and across the U.S., our females are imported from the Canary Islands, selected from the finest breeding stock. Our females have produced litters of puppies who have gone on to be award-winning dogs.

Meet Our Females

Diverse Breed Traits

most refined and appealing traits of the Canario breed

Many Presa Canario kennels have one or two females, limiting the number of litters they’re able to produce or the pedigree of available puppies. At D&G Kennels, we have as many as eight Dams. This ensures not only our ability to pass on the most superior traits of the Canario breed, but to deliver pups with diverse markings and physical attributes.

Pedigree and Lineage Available

Documented pedigrees dating back generations

D&G Kennels is very serious about maintaining the pedigree standards of our dogs. A large part of this is lineage documentation. All our females have documented pedigrees dating back generations, and many can trace their roots to champion pedigrees. Likewise, our females have produced offspring that maintain this pedigree in more than 30 countries!

Inquire About Breeding

Many of our females are available for breeding with approved males. We reserve the right to ask for documentation and health records for suitable Sires, to preserve the pedigree integrity of any offspring. To inquire about breeding opportunities, please contact us directly.

D&G Kennels offers tours of our kennels by appointment only. To learn more about our females, to inquire about upcoming litters or for information about pedigree and lineage, please contact us today at 770-403-9891.


Tayfa Baluarte de Los Perros

DOB: August 7, 2015
Sire: Boris Dog Pur
Dam: Fighter of the Lowland Arizona
135 LBS
24 IN
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D&g's Waikiki Aka Ahfi (3)

D&G’s Waikiki aka Ahfi

DOB: 2/21/2016
Sire: Sander’s Mongo
Dam: D&G’s Georgia
132 LBS
25 IN
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DOB: February 7, 2016
Sire: Django Griffin
Dam: Bap de Cluj Lima
128 LBS
25 IN
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D&g's Kaaya (8) Cover

D&G’s Kaaya

DOB: 5/8/2018
Sire: D&G’s and JBI’s Freak
Dam: Midnite Showtime
24.5 IN
123 LBS

D&g's Alisa (4) Cover

D&G’s Alisa

DOB: 10/16/2017
Sire: Macuto de la Isla de Los Volcanes
Dam: Sunshine Shadow
25.5 IN
125 LBS


D&G’s Jade aka Gussie

DOB: August 28, 2014
Sire: D&G’s Cortez
Dam: Midgard’s Queen Ziva
130 LBS
25 IN
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Loretta May 2019 205 1

D&G’s Addie aka Loretta

DOB: 8-4-2016
Sire: Steeljaw’s Big
Dam: D&G’s Georgia
25 IN
133 LBS

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D&g's Elin (2)cover

D&G’s Elin

DOB: 1/12/2017
Sire: CH Serach de Spalato Bull
Dam: Tejena de Atlantida Can
24.5 IN
121 LBS
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D&g's Bria (4) Cover

D&G’s Bria

DOB: 6/20/2016
Sire: Mocan de Tinerfacan
Dam: Karma de La Creekwood
24.5 IN
125 LBS

Palma De Cielo De Canarias (3) Cover

Palma de Cielo de Canarias

DOB: 12/17/2013
Sire: Drago de Volcan Isleno
Dam: Mia de Cielo de Canarias
23.5 IN
115 LBS
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Nira De Cabeza Grande (6) Cover

Nira de Cabeza Grande

DOB: 2/1/2016
Sire: Yago de Cabeza Grande
Dam: Wikit de Cabeza Grande
115 LBS
24 IN
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D&g's Ellaria (2)

D&G’s Ellaria

DOB: 5/2/2016
Sire: JBI’s Brutus
Dam: D&G’s Harley
23 IN
119 LBS

Irongate's Tesla (6) Cover

Irongate’s Tesla

DOB: 6/30/2017
Sire: Joaquin de Harijan
Dam: Silva’s Tanqueray
25 IN