Perro de Presa Canario Origins

If you’re looking for a loyal, protective dog, a Presa Canario might be the right breed for your household. These large and strong dogs can be quite devoted with the right owners. As long as you have the patience to train a stubborn breed, your relationship with your Presa Canario will be loving and mutually beneficial. Read on to learn more about the positive characteristics of the Presa Canario breed and how you can find one of these dogs in Georgia.

Where do Presa Canarios originate?

These dogs were initially bred in the Canary Islands, off the coast of Spain. This breed is an offshoot of the Iberian Presa, mixed with Presa Español and other Hispanic dog breeds. It’s a type of mastiff, prized for its natural guard dog tendencies. Presa Canarios were originally bred to protect farms, cattle and warding off stray dogs. Over the years, they developed into a brave and intelligent breed—to this day, they’re still prized for their protective nature.

Presa Canarios were brought back from the verge of extinction in the 1970s and 1980s.

Breed characteristics

Wondering about the specific characteristics of the Presa Canario? Here’s what you can expect from the breed:

  • Height and weight: Presas are a working breed, which is exhibited in their stature and strength. They grow 22 to 26 inches tall, and usually weigh 84 to 110 pounds. They’re very muscular dogs, which is why anyone who wants to own one should be aware of their power.
  • Coloring: The breed primarily comes with fawn, black or brindle coats, and some may have white markings. Their coats are short and coarse.
  • Distinctive features: Presas are easily identifiable by their large, boxy heads, muscular bodies and short ears.
  • Low shedding: Thanks to their short coats, Presas don’t shed as much as other breeds. They require a lot of brushing to keep the shedding under control, and you should plan to bathe them every few weeks, too.
  • High energy and high need for exercise: Anyone who has ever owned a Presa Canario can tell you that this is not a breed for couch potatoes—unless you plan to drastically change your lifestyle. Presas require a lot of exercise to work off their excess energy. Plan to take them on long walks at least once per day. Homes with large backyards are ideal, since this breed loves to run and play fetch, tug of war and other high-energy games and activities. Try throwing them a Frisbee, or taking them for hikes and swims.
  • Highly intelligent: One of the reasons why Presas make such good guard dogs is their intelligence. When socialized and trained properly, they’re a delight to have around the house. However, they’re innately suspicious of strangers and can get bossy with children and other pets. You’ll need to have a firm disciplinary style to foster the best possible relationship.
  • Diet: The Presa Canario needs a diet high in protein, and may drink more water than other dogs.

If you’re interested in discovering the positive characteristics of Presa Canarios for yourself, call D&G Kennels in Georgia today. We’re excited to introduce you to this rewarding breed.