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Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion in Dogs

Summer weather is a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Barbecues, sports, swimming and other recreation are in full swing now. If you’re planning on taking your dogs out to spend more time outdoors, especially for training, it’s important that you understand the symptoms of heat exhaustion in dogs. Like humans, dogs […]

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Keeping Your Dog Safe During the Summer Heat

It’s getting warmer outside, which means your dog is going to have a harder time staying hydrated and keeping cool. To ensure the health and safety of your furry friend, it’s important to take proper summer safety precautions. This means providing your dog with plenty of water and shade. It’s also important to be aware […]

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How to Safely Travel with Pets

If you consider yourself a “pet parent,” you likely see your furry friend as a valued member of the family. If you need to move your dog, cat or other animals due to relocation, a family vacation or for any other reason, you might be worried about the effect it’ll have on your furry friend. […]

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