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How Often Should I Brush My Dog’s Teeth?

A lot of Georgia dog owners don’t realize that dogs, like humans, need good oral health and hygiene to keep their teeth healthy and to avoid potential health complications down the road. There are quite a few benefits to regularly brushing a dog’s teeth. Some of the bacteria that can build up in dogs’ mouths […]

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Treats Are the Best Part of Being a Pet Parent

Everyone loves treats, especially your dog—but too many and your pet will start gaining weight, just like humans do if they substitute a pint of ice cream for a healthy lunch. Treats can be a fun way to reward good behavior and improve your owner/pet bond, but don’t use them as a fallback to getting […]

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The Lowdown on Your Pet’s Daily Exercise Routine

Your dog needs to get exercise every day. In fact, depending on the breed, they may need it multiple times per day. It’s not just vital to their health—canine fitness in Georgia also keeps them emotionally healthy, and depending on the exercise, can provide socialization. When adopting a dog, make sure you understand how often […]

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