Benefits of Crate Training

Veterinarians and professional trainers both embrace crate training as a quick and low-stress way to train a dog; however, many new dog owners are hesitant to use a crate, believing it to be an unfair or cruel method of training.

This isn’t an accurate view: A crate helps satiate a dog’s instinct to be in a den and mitigates many of the problems that dogs and their owners experience early on.

Why is crate training beneficial? Read on to find out!

Why should I crate train my dogs?

Let’s start with what crate training consists of. A dog crate is usually a collapsible plastic or metal enclosed pen that is big enough for the dog to stand up in. The crate is where the dog is placed when no one is around to supervise them. It acts as the dog’s bed and offers confinement for safety, house training and protection of personal property.

Here are some of the leading reasons why crate training is beneficial for both dogs and their owners:

  • Owners have peace of mind when they leave home. Nothing of yours will be destroyed, and the dog will be comfortable and not develop bad habits, like peeing on the rug.
  • A crate is ideal for keeping your dog safe. Even if you’re diligent with dog-proofing your home, it still contains many potential dangers. From electrical wires to small objects, your home can be hazardous for your dog. This will prove helpful whether you just need some time when you can’t watch your dog (such when you’re cooking dinner) or if you’re going out for a while. Either way, you can rest easy knowing the dog is safe and secure.
  • The dog will enjoy the security and privacy of having a den. This is a place that dogs will retreat to when they’re stressed, tired or sick.
  • Crate training allows for fast and easy house training. By using the confinement of a crate, the owner establishes control and a regular routine for the dog going outside to do their business. This eliminates accidents when you go out for the day or when the dog is left alone. Crate training allows the dog to more easily control their bowels and associate going to the bathroom only with going outside.
  • By establishing the crate as a dog’s place early on, it makes it easier for the dog to be included in family trips and outings. You won’t have to leave the dog behind alone as often. The dog will travel safely and more comfortably with a crate that includes their security blanket.
  • Crate training your dog allows you to spare the loneliness and frustration your pet might experience by being isolated in another space, like in the basement or outdoors, when you, say, have company over or need to restrict the dog from specific things.

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