Presa Canario Training Tips

We all love our pets, but when our pets are ill-behaved it can be hard to deal with them. That being said, some breeds are harder to train than others, and a Presa Canario is one breed that can prove to be very difficult. Here are some Presa Canario training tips that you can use to help make training this large breed a little easier.

Training Tips for Presa Canarios

These dogs tend to be very stubborn, get bored easily, and are very smart. As such, you want to make sure that you keep training sessions short and to the point. When training any dog, you want to be calm and assertive. If you take too long or you push your dog too far, it can make them frustrated, it can make you frustrated, and it can also make it hard to really focus.

Another tip to keep in mind is that you need to stay consistent. The Preso Canario dog breed does well with routine. You want to include a couple of sessions a day and make sure that you do it every day so that they know that they are meant to be training. You also want to make sure that you are doing training that is fun. Since this breed is smart and they do get bored, they are far more likely to pay attention and keep with the training if they are having fun.

As with any dog breed, the Presa Canario strives to please you. They do well with positive praise and with positive reinforcement. Letting them know when they are doing well, when they have done what you want, and when they are thriving will help keep them encouraged.

How Long Does Training Take?

Training is something that all pets take to differently. Some pets can be trained in a week and can be good at obeying commands with very little extra work. Other animals do take longer. Even when you are not still in full training mode, you do need to keep those positive behaviors reinforced, and you do need to keep making sure that you remind them of their training from time to time.

With any pet, it is always a good idea to remind them of what they have learned from time to time. Keeping these dogs active and wearing them out is a must and can truly help with their training as well.