What Should I Feed My Presa Canario?

Known for its calm demeanor, strength, and intriguing looks, the Presa Canario is a popular dog that will treat your family well. As loyal canines, they deserve only the best treatment in return. 

While some owners treat their dogs like a garbage disposal, cleaning up with table scraps, or believe that dogs can eat any old brand of kibble off the grocery store shelves, the truth is that the Presa Canario requires a special kind of diet that meets their unique nutritional needs. 

While they can consume most kinds of wet or dry dog food, their health and happiness levels will only increase if they are well-fed based on their personal preferences and needs. To learn more about the best diets for Presa Canarios, read below.

What should I feed my Presa Canario?

While every dog is different, and you should consider your pet’s specific dietary needs around age, allergies, and health goals, certain foods are better for optimal well-being for a Presa Canario than others as a whole. 

The ideal kind of food for a Presa Canario is fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, and raw meats. Before introducing fruits or vegetables to your dog, it’s important to do your research and ensure that the fruits and vegetables you are attempting to feed Fido aren’t going to cause a negative reaction. As long as the breed is not allergic or intolerant of the fruits and vegetables you choose, you can go ahead and conduct a “trial and error” experiment to see what fruits and veggies your pooch enjoys. 

Since dogs can be picky about what types of fruits and vegetables they ingest, you might need to try a wide range of greens, fruits, and vegetables before finding the kinds your pet likes. Still, because this increases your dog’s nutritional intake, the process is a worthwhile investment of time and energy.

For supplementary additions to your dog’s diet that can beef up their nutritional intake, try adding some coconut oil for its anti-microbial properties and vitamins and minerals. You can also add food-grade Diatomaceous Earth to wet foods to kill worms and other health benefits.

If you must feed your Presa Canario dry food, try incorporating other ingredients like raw eggs, cooked eggs with minimal grease, and tuna. Additionally, opt for premium dried and canned foods to maximize the health of your Presa Canario.

When considering specific brands and types of dog food for your Presa Canario, opt for Blue Buffalo Life Protection Puppy Dog Food, Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dog Food, or Purina ONE SmartBlend Maturity 7+ Dog Food for dry food. For wet food, you can go with Blue Buffalo Homestyle Chicken Canned Food, The Farmer’s Dog, and, as a premium option, Nutro Adult Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food.

When switching your dog’s diet, slowly introduce new foods and other changes to avoid stomach problems.