Everything You Need To Know About The Presa Canario Breed

If you’re looking for a strong, loyal, and alert dog, consider the Presa. They can be great family dogs as long as they have early socialization and are trained well. And although they are not particularly aggressive, they are very protective of their human family and will attack anything that looks like a threat. They are best suited to experienced owners who understand their natural instincts.


The Presa Canario is a large, strong, and intelligent dog breed that was originally developed in the Canary Islands. It was used for herding, guarding, and fighting, and was bred to be fearless and steadfast. Due to their large size, they should always be accompanied by an experienced and confident master who can assert dominance over them and teach them appropriate canine behaviors. Training needs to be life-long and should be based on positive reinforcement.


While a Presa Canario may serve as excellent watchdogs, they may become frustrated or overextended if they don’t receive sufficient mental and physical exercise. They also need a firm pack leader to temper their natural instincts and help them be safe household companions. Without this, they could easily become aggressive towards strangers. And because they’re prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, ask the breeder to show evidence that both parents have clear hip and elbow certificates from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). They should also have clearances from the Canine Eye Registration Foundation and a thyroid evaluation.


It’s important to understand that this breed requires proper training from an early age and should be socialized with strangers as soon as possible. Otherwise, he can end up being disobedient and aggressive. It is not recommended that first-time dog owners adopt a Presa Canario because they can prove difficult to train in certain scenarios.


Taking your dog to dog parks and other public places can help them socialize with people, other pets, and new environments. However, be aware that the Presa Canario is highly wary of strangers and may snap at them if they feel threatened. To keep your Presa Canario in line, train him early on to heel and stay in place during walks so he’ll know when to stop and look at you. And always keep him on a leash when outdoors to prevent him from running off and getting lost.