The Presa Canario: Committed, Loyal and Alert

You might have gotten the wrong idea about the Presa Canario. These stout working dogs have a mistaken reputation for aggression. Part of this myth stems from the dog’s lamentable use in dogfighting. While physically built for the sport, the Presa Canario isn’t a violent dog—it’s a confident one. In fact, confidence is one of the defining traits of a Presa Canario in Georgia. All that confidence implies is this: the Presa Canario is a leader among dogs. It is assertive and intelligent, and aware of its own physical gifts.

This gorgeous Spanish import is more than just its confidence, however. There is so much more to a Presa Canario than meets the eye.

The family pup

The Presa Canario can indeed be somewhat aggressive toward outsiders. As a result, they require a close eye when they’re around small children and unfamiliar dogs. When introduced into your family correctly, a Presa Canario will form loyal attachments to their entire family, cats, dogs and kids alike. Presa Canarios have a reputation as extremely affectionate toward their families, almost to a fault. Beware of cuddles!

The perfect security dog

That loyalty toward their family extends to home security, as well. Most of the time, a Presa Canario is a calm animal who appears to be reclined in their favorite position. Make no mistake, one of the most prominent positive traits of a Presa Canario in Georgia is vigilance. Add to that the Presa Canario’s tendency to act suspicious of visitors and their booming bass bark, and you’ve got a recipe for a fantastic security animal. If you want to enlist a dog to help keep your family safe while you’re home and your house safe while you’re gone, look no further than the Presa Canario.

A working dog

Often, when the Presa Canario is mentioned, the term “working dog” isn’t far behind. For those dog owners who might not own a huge plot of land, that phrase may sound strange. It doesn’t mean you have to find your pup a 9 to 5—it just means that the Presa Canario has a lot of energy that needs to get worked off. A long walk every day plus some requisite playtime is required to keep a Georgia Presa active and prevent them from becoming hyper or destructive.

Your Presa Canario headquarters

Want to know more about the traits of the Presa Canario in Georgia? Come to D&G Kennels. Since we opened our doors in 1998, we have worked tirelessly to educate the public about the thrills of owning a Presa Canario. First imported from the Grand Canary Islands off the coast of northeastern Africa, these beautiful animals have gained a place of notoriety throughout the dog world.

At D&G Kennels, we’re devoted to the future of the Presa Canario and the joy they can bring to their owners. That’s why we take regular trips to the Canary Islands themselves to hand-pick the dogs in our kennel. That means you’re getting a healthy, happy pup straight from the source. Find out more by calling today to schedule a kennel walkthrough.