Exploring the Presa Canario’s Temperament

In the 1600s, Gran Canaria, a small island off the coast of Northern Africa, saw the appearance of a remarkable breed of dog. These gorgeous working animals quickly insinuated themselves among the people of Gran Canaria. They transcended their role as faithful followers to become part of the island’s mythos. Today, owners throughout the world are discovering the reason why.

Meet the Presa Canario. In Georgia, these gorgeous animals are rapidly winning hearts and minds and providing a sense of security to owners of all kinds. If you haven’t run across the Presa Canario until now, you’re in for a treat.

The experienced owner’s dog

Industry insiders regard the Presa Canario as something of a commitment canine. That is, they can be incredibly well trained, loyal and loving, but they require work. It takes a special kind of dog owner who is willing to put in the time training and playing with a Presa Canario to get the most out of a relationship with one.

As a result, most breeders do not recommend the Presa Canario for first-time dog owners. It takes an owner with a little background knowledge to properly handle a Presa.

The confident Canario

One of the most standout parts of the temperament of the Presa Canario in Georgia is its confidence. This defining trait often shows up in the form of dominant behavior. To keep the Presa Canario under your thumb, you must remain confident in its presence. Otherwise, it may try to dominate you. While the Presa is very submissive to its master, it can get a little bit pushy around strangers, other dogs and small children.

Socialization is critical

The Presa Canario in Georgia can be one of the sweetest, most lovable dogs you’ll ever own, but you will have to put in the legwork. If you want your Presa Canario to avoid potential issues with children and other dogs, you will have to establish a socialization routine from an early age. Take them to dog parks, and introduce them to people and other animals. Many Presa owners get some benefits from doggy daycare, too.

Not the dog for kids

If your Presa is properly introduced to the family, they should form strong attachments to every household member, pets included. That said, the Presa Canario is also a high-energy dog. When it gets excited, the Presa can get rowdy, and that high spirit combined with the Presa Canario’s size can lead to bumps and bruises for small children.

Let us introduce your new best friend

If you’re intrigued by the beauty of the Presa Canario, then it’s time to find out more. At D&G Kennels, we’re proud to be the premier representative of the Presa Canario in Georgia. For more than 20 years, we have poured our hearts into introducing these majestic working dogs to loving homes across the state. Our goal is to help the Presa Canario get the respect and adoration it’s due.

We deal solely in imports, which means we take regular trips to Gran Canaria to pick the best pups from the purest breeds of Presa Canario. Want to know more? Let us show you around the kennel today!