Presa Canario Care Tips

Committing to a Presa Canario puppy in Georgia is not a step you should take lightly—this dog breed is renowned for its strong personality and dominant tendencies. However, those who can care for their Presa properly are setting themselves up for years of enjoyment with an extremely loyal and active dog. Here are our best tips to care for your Presa Canario.

Your Presa’s ideal diet

Presa Canarios require a great deal of protein in their diets, which means that you must pay attention to their food intake very carefully. Ideally, a diet of eggs, lean meat and fish will sustain this muscular dog’s dietary needs, but not everyone has time or the funds to feed their dogs this way. Instead, you can substitute a high-quality dry food. Avoid generic dry foods, as they may not have the protein content that your Presa Canario needs.
Generally, you can expect your adult Presa Canario to eat about two pounds of food per day.

Exercising your Presa Canario

Presas were bred as working dogs in the 15th century Canary Islands. These dogs were meant to help guard cattle and their owners. Their muscular build means that they have a lot of power—and the energy to match.

Presas need at least two 20- to 30-minute walks per day, but could certainly handle more exercise. They enjoy playing games, like tug-of-war and fetch, which can be a fun part of your exercise routine for the whole family. Tiring out your Presa Canario each day is key to helping them release enough energy that they won’t become destructive.
As long as your Presa Canario gets enough exercise, they tend to be calm the rest of the time.

How to keep your Presa Canario clean

Presas are low-maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming, especially when you compare them to other dogs of a similar size. They have a short coat that does not shed much, and usually can be tamed by brushing the dog once or twice per week. In the spring and summer, you may notice that they shed more than usual. Plan on bathing your Presa once a month or so.

In addition to regular brushings, be sure to pay attention to your Presa Canario’s nails, which tend to grow quickly. If left uncared for, they will split and crack—trim them frequently to keep them in good shape.

With the right care and feeding, your Presa Canario will be a loyal pet that will quickly become an important and much-loved part of your household. They don’t require a significant amount of grooming attention, and their exercise needs means that you’ll always have an excuse to get outside for a while each day. (More stay-at-home time during the COVID-19 outbreak may mean this is an ideal time to welcome a Presa puppy into your Georgia home!)

Is a Presa Canario right for you? Talk to a Dogo Canario breeder in Georgia today—call D&G Kennels to discuss bringing home your own Presa Canario puppy.