The Value of Crate Training

If you’ve chosen to bring home your very own Presa Canario in Georgia, you undoubtedly have questions about how best to reinforce positive traits and make your new puppy feel as comfortable as possible. At D&G Kennels, we want to equip all our new owners with the knowledge they’ll need to build a supportive, productive environment for their new Presa Canario. That lifetime of good behavior begins with proper kennel training.

Create a Safe Space

Several homeowners don’t use crate training because they operate under the mistaken assumption that crates look somewhat like a prison. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When set up correctly, a kennel becomes a space that’s reserved specifically for your new dog.

When it’s used correctly, a crate becomes your dog’s private space. They can get some personal time there and even find solace when things get stressful. Dogs will naturally gravitate toward a kennel if you provide the right environment.

How to Pick the Right Crate

There’s no great secret to choosing the right crate for your dog. You should select one that’s big enough for your Presa Canario to sit, stand up and turn around comfortably. Because a Presa grows so dramatically, you should also consider purchasing a crate divider panel. This will allow them to grow into their crate while discouraging the temptation to use their unused crate space as a bathroom.

Be sure that your crate is either wire or plastic, with plenty of room for the dog to see all angles around them.

Setting Up Your Crate

Once you’ve found a crate, it’s time to start kennel training in Georgia. You can make your job easier by placing soft, easily-washable bedding inside. You should also be sure to put the kennel in a quiet corner of the house and add a few toys to make sure that your dog has something to cuddle against while they’re inside. You should also consider serving meals inside the kennel, as well, to ensure that your dog maintains a positive association with the crate.

Pitfalls to Avoid

If you’re hoping to get the most from your dog’s kennel, make sure you steer clear of the following mistakes:

  • Be patient when introducing a crate. Don’t lock the dog inside until they’re comfortable entering and exiting on their own.
  • Don’t use time in the crate as a punishment, and don’t force your Presa inside.
  • Don’t keep the dog inside the crate for too long. Overnight should be fine, but eventually, your Presa Canario will need to go to the bathroom.

Stay positive and keep plenty of treats handy, and you should have little trouble getting your Presa into a kennel in short order.

Trust in the Pros

Want to know more about Presa Canario kennel training in Georgia? Turn to D&G Kennels. We’ve committed ourselves to informing the public about the benefits of inviting a gorgeous Presa Canario into their home.

Contact us today to find out more about this fantastic breed and what it takes to raise them from eager puppies into strong, confident adults.