What Is Positive Canine Reinforcement?

In years past, conventional wisdom held that if you wanted to train your dog properly, you needed to prove your dominance and frighten them into submission. That’s not true. In fact, more and more animal specialists suggest that the best way to train your puppy is to use positive reinforcement.

Engaging in positive canine reinforcement in Georgia means more than simply giving your dog an assortment of treats. It’s a philosophy that could promote healthier interactions with your beloved pup and a happier life together for both of you.

Why is Negative Reinforcement So Bad?

You might operate under the assumption that your dog isn’t excessively bothered by negative reinforcement. After all, if they still come when you call, why shouldn’t you shout, use shock collars or choke chains? In fact, these painful reminders of how to behave can inhibit training, fracture your relationship and promote signs of aggression or skittishness. Your dog will learn to listen, but not because they want to—they’ll learn out of fear, and that’s not a good standard to set.

Reward, Don’t Punish

Negative reinforcement compels an owner to punish their pup when they’re bad. Positive reinforcement encourages the dog with rewards for learning. In other words, if you’re training the dog to sit, you’ll find much better, quicker results offering a treat to the dog when they respond correctly, rather than punishing them when they fail.

Treat the Root Problem

Trainers who specialize in positive canine reinforcement in Georgia look for the root cause of poor behavior. For example, if your dog is barking at new people or other animals, it could be they’re afraid. Rather than punishing their bad behavior, it’s essential to calm their fears and seek a relaxing way to introduce them to new things.

Plenty of Options

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for promoting positive behavior without harming the dog emotionally or physically. You can replace a choke collar with a chest-and-shoulder harness. You can use baby gates to limit interaction when your dog is around strangers or new children. All you need is a little education when you’re planning your positive reinforcement strategy.

Behold, the Power of Treat

One of the most effective weapons in the arsenal of any positive reinforcement pup parent is a bag of treats. There’s no wrong time to reward your dog for good behavior; that’s why it’s always a good idea to have a nice bag of treats in your pocket. You might even discover that treats are an excellent way to instill some crowd control when you’re socializing your dog.

D&G Has You Covered

At D&G Kennels, we’re proud to promote the use of positive canine reinforcement in Georgia. Since we opened our doors in 1998, our dedicated team of professionals has worked tirelessly to promote the virtues of the Presa Canario. We’re always searching for ways to improve our Presa’s work ability, health and conformation. That’s why we’ve gained a reputation throughout Georgia and the rest of the United States for excellence in breeding this rare and stunning breed! Our recommendation is always a positive reinforcement approach.