Are Puzzles Helpful for Canines?

There’s no such thing as a dog owner who doesn’t want the best for their pet. You only want to give them the best food and the best experiences, whether you’re picking them up from an animal shelter or a kennel. Even after you’ve bought the most nutritious food and every toy on the puppy aisle, there’s still something you can do to help your dog: get them a puzzle.

There’s a positive connection between puzzles and canines in Georgia. Here’s why you should take advantage.

Slow down sensitive eaters

Sometimes, your pup can get so excited when they’re attacking a bowl of kibble that they can overeat and upset their stomach. If your dog has consistent issues with vomiting or diarrhea, a food puzzle can slow them down enough to properly digest their food.

Eager eaters can use them

If you have a pup that gobbles down food too eagerly and has gained some extra weight, a food puzzle can help them reduce their caloric intake and still feel stimulated and full.

Keep them active

Every dog needs some activity time each day, and puzzles can work to keep your Georgia canine active while you’re working on the other, less interesting parts of your day. Keep in mind that even older dogs need about half an hour of active playtime each day. An excellent food puzzle can help with that.

Relieve boredom

As any dog owner can tell you, boredom is the seed of real trouble. When your dog is bored, they become mischievous. Some breeds even become anxious or unsettled. Whatever the result, a bored pup is an unhealthy pup. When you add a food puzzle to the mix, you can keep your dog stimulated for hours on end.

Redirect puppies

When you bring home a puppy of any breed, they will explore as much as you allow. They’ll poke their nose anywhere and everywhere they can. If you want to pull their attention away from potentially troublesome activities, a food puzzle can serve as the perfect solution.

Fight dementia

Just as with humans, dementia can be a concern for older pets. Those pups who haven’t exercised their brains enough could be at higher risk than others. A food puzzle helps your pet get their brain going.

D&G Kennels can help

Wondering what kinds of puzzles you should get your dog in Georgia? Come to D&G Kennels. We have 22 years of experience working to further the reputation of one of the most reliable breeds: the Presa Canario. These sturdy dogs have become a vital part of homes throughout the country.

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