Working Breeds Love to Work!

A working breed dog is one of the most loyal and enjoyable companions a person can bring into their home. These long-cherished companions come from a diverse array of breeds. There’s the world’s most famous security dog, the Doberman Pinscher. The smaller Schnauzer is a real boon to any home (or property) under siege by rodents. The massive Saint Bernard has long been used to help stranded travelers lost in mountainous regions.

These are the working dogs. At D&G Kennels, we’ve come to adore our own favorite working breed, the Presa Canario. This gorgeous animal has held a cherished working position for centuries, and that long tradition has created in the Presa a unique need to get moving and stay active. That’s no problem—you just have to keep your working dog busy.

If you want to know how to stimulate a working breed dog in Georgia and what kinds of work these breeds can do, you’ve come to the right place.

Why is stimulation a concern?

For those who may not know, keeping a working breed like a Presa Canario occupied is crucial to their health and happiness. When your working breed dog doesn’t have enough activity to keep them entertained, they will quickly get bored.

When that happens, your dog may turn to destructive activities. They’ll tear pillows, they’ll ignore bathroom protocol and they may even attempt dominating members of the family. All of these negative behaviors can be avoided by engaging in a routine of stimulating behavior.

Never skip the walk

Hands down, the most important thing you can do for your working breed dog on a daily basis is to get them out for a lengthy walk. Rain or shine, you can count on your high-energy pup to want to get out and explore the neighborhood as much as possible.


For those who are curious about stimulating working breeds in Georgia, there’s always bikejoring. This relatively simple activity sees you attach your dog to your bike with a leash, allowing them to run off all that excess energy using you as an anchor (and safety monitor). Think of it as the suburban equivalent of Alaskan dog sled races.

Search and rescue

Want to help your dog let off some steam and make the world a slightly safer place? Sign them up for a search and rescue program. Learning how to participate when someone goes missing will stimulate your working dog’s brain, and helping in the search will provide them (and you) with a sense of purpose. It’s a win-win.

Love to work

Curious about the benefits of owning a working breed dog in Georgia? The experts at D&G Kennels are ready and waiting to help. We’ve spent more than two decades helping our beloved Presa Canarios find homes. As a result, we understand the unique needs of this working dog breed.

When you work alongside D&G Kennels, you can count on a gorgeous pup who is a beautiful example of the Presa Canario. Contact us today to find out more and begin exploring the possibilities of a new family companion. We can’t wait to hear from you.