How to Choose the Right Chew for Your Canine

Regardless of their breed or age, dogs love chew toys! In addition to providing exercise for their jaw muscles, chews can provide mental stimulation, relieve stress and even clean your dog’s teeth. However, it’s important to note that not all chews are created equal—some can even be harmful to your pup’s health.

As one of the premier Presa Canario breeders in the area, we’re experts in knowing which chews are good for dogs and which ones to avoid. Continue reading to learn more about safe chew toys in Georgia:

  • Antlers: Our favorite dog chews are elk or deer antlers. These products are 100 percent natural, odor free and long lasting. Instead of splintering, like some other products, antlers only become ground down the more the dog chews on them. Once your dog reaches the center of the antler, they’ll find the tasty and nutritious marrow!
  • Bully sticks: A bully stick is another top option for a safe dog chew. These products are made of pure beef or veal muscle meat and are 100 percent digestible. Although they’re not as long lasting as an antler, an easier chewer can get a lot of use out of a single bully stick.
  • Kong balls: For the heavy chewers out there, dog owners could consider purchasing a Kong. These fun chews are made of durable rubber and have a hole in the middle that can be stuffed with peanut butter or other treats. Because of their shape, Kong balls also double as toys for fun games of fetch.

Why should you avoid rawhide?

You’ll likely see rawhide chew toys the next time you’re at the local pet store. Never buy these! The list of benefits of antlers vs. rawhides in Georgia is a long one.

For starters, rawhides are only about 80 percent digestible, and even the parts that are digestible are known to upset dogs’ stomachs, leading to vomiting and diarrhea. Unlike bully sticks and antlers, rawhides may contain harmful chemicals that are used to dry out the product. Additionally, rawhides present a choking hazard, especially if a dog is left unattended.

Don’t leave your pet alone with a chew!

While an antler, bully stick, Kong ball or any other type of chew will keep your dog busy for hours, your pet should never be left alone with one. Even if the chew looks too big to swallow, it can present a choking hazard. To reduce the risk of choking, be sure to take the chew away once it becomes too small.

We recommend always being in the room with your dog while they have a chew, especially when your pet is still a puppy. In addition to getting to spend more time with your pup, you’ll help ensure your dog is playing and chewing safely.

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