Presa Canario’s Temperament and Behavior

The Presa Canario is a large and powerful breed of dog, originally from the Canary Islands. They are known for their strength, courage, and loyalty. 

Presa Canarios are large and muscular dogs, with broad heads and square muzzles. They have a short, thick coat that comes in many colors, including brindle, fawn, and black. A good thing about this breed is they don’t shed very much.

Presa Canarios were originally bred for working, and they still have a strong work ethic today. Let’s learn more about Presa Canario temperament and behavior.

Presa Canario Behaviors

These canines are loyal and protective, making them great guard dogs. They are also intelligent and trainable, which makes them good pets as well.

It is important to socialize and train Presa Canarios from a young age to prevent aggression. As long as you give them proper training, you should have no problems with aggression.

Presa Canarios are also known for their strength and courage. So people often use them for guarding property or herding sheep and cattle.

These dogs also need plenty of exercise. Without enough exercise, Presa Canarios can become bored and destructive. So make sure you have the time and/or space for your dog to run and play. It is not best to keep this type of breed couped up in an apartment all day.

Temperament of the Breed

Presa Canarios are generally friendly dogs, but they can be reserved around strangers. It is important to socialize Presa Canarios from a young age so they will be comfortable around people.

Presa Canarios are also intelligent and trainable. They respond well to positive reinforcement training, such as treats and praise.

While it’s a good working dog for farming, it is also a good family pet and is kid-friendly. Not only will kids love playing with this breed, but they will also learn how to take care of a pet and be gentle with animals. In return, this loyal breed will protect your children and household. Being around kids also gives the dog a chance to show its playfulness and get exercise.

Who Should Get a Presa Canario

Owners who are experienced with large, powerful dogs can do well with this member of the Molosser family. Presa Canarios are not recommended for first-time dog owners. They require an owner who is experienced with dogs and can provide firm, consistent training.

When it comes to training, you may need to hire a professional trainer to help you out. Families with older children who are experienced with dogs do best with this breed.

If you have a space such as a large backyard, farm, or ranch and are experienced with dogs, then a Presa Canario may be a good fit for you.

In conclusion, the Presa Canario is a large and powerful breed of dog that is loyal, protective, and good for herding. Take the time to provide training and give the dog room to roam. You will have a loyal protective pet for years to come.