The Benefits Of Owning A Guard Dog – Presa Canario Edition

Black,presa,canario,in,the,snowThe Benefits Of Owning A Guard Dog – Presa Canario Edition

Whether you are looking for protection or just want to feel more secure, owning a guard dog can be a great choice. But before you take the plunge, there are a few things you should consider. First, consider the breed you’re considering, and if it would be a good match for your family and lifestyle. Next, be sure to find a responsible breeder who will raise your pup well.


A security dog, especially a Presa Canario, is an excellent way to protect your home and family. They can act as a sentry to warn you of threats, and they can also deter criminals from breaking into your property. They will bark loud enough to scare off intruders, and they can frighten or attack them if it becomes necessary. This is a much more effective method of deterring crime than simply having an alarm system.


A Presa Canario is an ancient Molosser-type breed, renowned for its strong-willed nature and hunting and guarding skills. They are a confident, fearless and intelligent breed that requires positive socialization and training to become an exceptional household pet. This breed can be difficult to train and needs a firm, experienced owner to guide them through their development. With proper training, a Presa Canario can be a devoted and well-behaved family companion that is loyal to their humans.


While not necessarily a specialized breed of dog, the presence of a Presa Canario is an added benefit for many dog owners. These dogs can serve as excellent family companions and provide the security that their owners need at home and on vacation. Having a Presa Canario as a pet can also make for an enjoyable experience as this breed is a high-energy and playful animal, so they enjoy quality exercise and playtime with their humans!

D&G Kennels

D&G Kennels is one of the premier Presa Canario stud services and breeders in the U.S., owned and operated by Randy and Lauren Green in Georgia. Our primary goal is and always have been to improve and highlight the virtues of the Presa Canario breed. We have been working with this wonderful breed for over 20 years, and we are one of only a handful of breeders in the country that has this level of experience with the Presa Canario. Interested in getting a Presa Canario of your own? Contact us today to learn more!