What to Expect with Large Breed Dogs

Bringing home a new dog is always an exciting time. If the pup you’re taking home is your very first large breed, though, it’s important to know what you’re getting into.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect when you take home a large breed dog, including some tips on big dog training.

Big dog means bigger spaces

It should make sense to you that the bigger the dog, the more space they’re going to need. You’ll need a larger crate (which is also going to be more expensive), a larger dog bed, more space in your vehicle when you transport your pet from place to place and more space for the dog to roam around in your home or yard. And if you allow your dog on your furniture, you can expect a large breed to take up most (or all) of a couch or loveseat.

If you have a small one- or two-bedroom apartment without much space to move around, Presa Canario ownership might not be right for your lifestyle. Big dogs need big spaces.

Yard security

In addition to needing a bit more space to roam outside, larger dogs will also need sturdier, taller fencing if you’re to keep them safe in your yard. Consider getting a fence of at least five to six feet tall.

Small, flimsy enclosures might work for tiny dogs, but big dogs have a lot of weight and power, and for this reason you should invest in sturdy wood or no-climb fencing. Even if your dog isn’t a good leaper, you still need to consider the sturdiness of your fence.


Bigger dogs need more to eat, so you can expect to feed your dog quite a bit more—and also pick up much more (and larger) droppings in the yard as a result.


Larger dogs unfortunately do not live as long as smaller dogs in most cases. Some breeds might only realistically live seven or eight years, whereas some smaller dogs can easily live twice as long. This means you need to truly enjoy every moment of owning a larger dog.

Big dog training

It’s crucial that you get your dog in for obedience training as soon as possible so you can have a great relationship with the dog and make sure the dog doesn’t put other people into scary or uncomfortable situations. The last thing you want is for your dog to get excited and jump on new people. While they might not mean any harm, the size and strength of a large dog can easily overwhelm or frighten others who are not used to dogs of such size. The dog could also easily knock over and injure people who are taken by surprise by the dog’s power.

It’s important to get big dogs the proper training while they are still young. Otherwise, they will still jump around like a puppy when they get big, and won’t be aware that their size can make them intimidating or even dangerous.


The grooming needs will depend on the specific type of dog and their coat. However, you can generally expect grooming to be more expensive, as it takes longer and requires more water, shampoo and time.

For more information about big dog training and what to expect when owning a large dog for the first time, such as if you’re looking into Presa Canario ownership, contact the team at D&G Kennels.