How the Holiday Season Can Affect Your Dog

The holidays can be equal parts joyous and stressful. It’s great to see extended family members in person, but it can be demanding making all the necessary preparations and arrangements. It takes care to ensure your dog and their wellbeing don’t get lost in the holiday seasonal shuffle.

Caring for your dog during the holidays presents a unique challenge. There are several moving parts, pieces and people involved, and overstimulation could become a factor for your dog. But knowing how the holidays affect dogs can help you to better care for them this winter.

Unfamiliar guests

Whether you’re hosting a holiday or traveling somewhere with your dog, they are going to be exposed to many different people they don’t normally see. Dogs are typically very social creatures, but they also crave routine.

Seeing several new people at once, especially if those people give the dog a lot of attention, can overstimulate your dog and stress them out. Watch your dog for signs of stress and separate them from the group if they seem overwhelmed.

An abundance of treats

Many people enjoy the holiday season for the bountiful supply of food and treats that are available. While this might only harm your waistline, dogs can get sick easily if they’re given the wrong type of food.

Best feeding practice is to avoid feeding your dog table food at all, but if you must, dogs can handle small pieces of ham, turkey or roasted squash. Don’t feed your dog any chocolate, raisins, onions, garlic or small meat bones, as those foods aren’t safe for them.

Routines are changed

Switching up your dog’s routine is one of the top ways holidays affect dogs. We already mentioned the potential overload of treats and people, but what about taking your dog for walks or feeding them at their usual mealtime? It’s easy to forget these things when you’re either not at home or you’re busy entertaining guests.

Dogs may get befuddled by their rearranged schedule, and you should make special considerations during the holidays to ensure your dog can be walked, fed and let out to go to the bathroom at as close to their usual time as possible.

Decorations and gift-wrapping accoutrements

If your dog is a puppy, curious or destructive, the number of decorations and gift-wrapping supplies lying around could cause them some problems. Strings, bows, garlands, ornaments, pine needles and wrapping paper are just some of the holiday paraphernalia that your dog could potentially get its paws or jaws on.

Because of this, and the possibility that your dog may become frustrated or overstimulated, make sure to watch your dog carefully, as doing so could prevent them from eating or destroying something they shouldn’t.

Call for your new dog today

Understanding how holidays affect dogs is important. That knowledge makes caring for your dog during the holidays much easier, and can make both you and your pooch happier. If you’d like to discuss getting a new Presa Canario, reach out to D&G Kennels. We’re breeders who understand how important it is for both you and your dog to experience joy this holiday season.