Six Tips for Shaping Your Presa Into a Loyal Companion

Presa Canarios are naturally a loyal breed; however, training this type of dog into a well-behaved, loyal companion requires specific techniques. You must follow the right guide for raising Presas to avoid the formation of bad habits or unhealthy temperaments.

Fortunately, expert breeders can provide the right guide. To shape your Presa into the great companion you desire, try the following Presa Canario tips. For more information, reach out to your trusted Presa experts at D&G Kennels.

Get vet clearance

It’s important to remember that health always comes first. Don’t start any other Presa Canario training tips or steps before you get clearance from your vet. You must make sure your dog is in good health before proceeding with training. Make sure your Presa has all of their shots and is in good shape to begin lessons.

Remain calm

Throughout the training of your Presa, remain calm. If you use harsh language or appear angry or aggressive, your attempts at training will fail. Your Presa will also come to associate learning with fear, which can be dangerous. Instead of using aggression or anger, remain calm and be assertive. Your dog breeder and/or trainer can model this behavior for you if you need an example.

Prepare for a long journey

If you’ve trained other breeds in the past, you may be expecting a short process. With Presas, you need to be prepared for a longer training journey. Be willing to spend a significant amount of time on training and education. The process will look different than it does with other dogs, but it will be well worth the effort when you have a well-trained, loyal companion.

Socialize, and socialize some more

If your Presa doesn’t get enough exposure to other dogs and to humans as a puppy, they will see other dogs as threats as they get older. They will also struggle to have healthy interactions with humans. Make sure your puppy experiences early socialization to avoid these issues down the line. Getting your Presa from a reliable breeder will help, as these experts know to properly socialize the puppies from their very first days.

Schedule activities

A Presa is not a lap dog. Your four-legged friend needs things to do. Give your dog plenty of stimulus to keep them entertained and happy. Schedule routine activities that will provide stimulus and exercise. This will promote emotional and physical health in your Presa and will make the training process easier, too.

Stay involved

A professional breeder is a great resource for training your Presa; however, you should remain personally involved in your dog’s training. The expert can provide the majority of the training, but you should also be a part of it to create a healthy bond between you and your dog.

Get more tips

For more Presa Canario training tips, contact the professionals at D&G Kennels. We’ve been helping shape Presa Canarios into loyal companions since 1998. Reach our team today at 770-403-9891 with any questions or to schedule a visit to our kennel.