How Much Space Do Big Dogs Need To Be Happy?

Dogs need to have enough space to play and exercise for them to be truly happy and healthy. This requirement is easier for smaller dogs, but what about bigger breeds? How much space do big dogs need to be happy?

Those who work with large dogs, like Presa Canario breeders, have specific recommendations to make it easy on aspiring pet owners. Take note so you can prepare your home for your new family member.

Measure Your Dog 

Many first-time pet owners make the mistake of thinking they won’t have to do this if they’re getting a puppy. Presa Canario puppies, for example, obviously won’t need as much space as a full-grown adult would. 

However, puppies grow rather fast, so it’s advisable to anticipate the size they will grow into. Getting the right measurement is, of course, easier if you’re getting a grown dog.

Using a measuring tape, start from the very tip of their nose all the way to the base of their tail. Your dog can either be standing up or lying on its side for this part. 

Add six inches to whatever number you get from your dog’s measurement. Square this number to get the minimum floor space. That is going to be your minimum floor space. 

To get the exact square footage, divide the number of the minimum floor space by 144. The result will be how much space you’ll need, at the very least, for your dog.

Provide a Personal Indoor Space

Set up your dog’s personal space somewhere there isn’t a lot of foot traffic in your house. For smaller dogs, you can use a cozy corner in your den or living room. The temperature should be just right and should be able to fit their essentials, like water bowls, toys, and blankets. 

This is going to be the spot for them to relax in, so be sure you’ll help keep it a safe space for them. They’re not always going to be in a playful mood, so let them have their quiet time, too.

Backyards Recommended

Dogs need space to run and play around in. Puppies, especially, have a lot of energy they need to expend. This eventually mellows down as they grow, but they still need to be able to exercise to stay fit.

If your backyard isn’t big enough, or if you don’t have one at all, bring them to an open space like a dog park where they can move around. Otherwise, being cooped up indoors all day can lead to destructive behavior.

And even though some large dogs have less energy, they would still need to at least have their daily walks to stay in shape. 

Crate Reminders

If you’re planning on getting a crate for your dog, it’s important for them to be able to move comfortably in it. That includes being able to stand, sit, turn, or even lie down on it.

Make sure there’s a six-inch allowance from the very top of their head so that they can have enough comfortable space to stand up straight.