How To Know Your Puppy Is Getting Sick

When you see that a dogs nose is running, you’ll probably wonder whether that is healthy or normal. The symptoms your pet may be experiencing may be normal for their breed and abnormal for other breeds, so it’s important to know what is “normal” for your dog. If you have a Presa Canario, a totally reasonable question to ask is my Presa Canario is sick. When you notice changes in their routine or symptoms. To give you some peace of mind, we’ve listed some common signs of illness in our beloved canine friends.

Common signs of sickness in dogs

For dogs, changes in routine can be a vital indicator that something is amiss in their health. If your dog is eating less than he or she usually does, this may be a sign that your dog may be experiencing health problems. When a dog’s appetite reduces, and the weight is lowered with it, this is especially worrisome. There are many different health problems that can cause dogs to eat less and lose weight, from dental problems to anxiety to failure of vital organs. This is why it’s crucial to get your dog to the vet if you notice any sudden changes in weight or appetite.

Foul-smelling breath or an unpleasant odor emitted from the dog’s ears or skin can also be an indicator that something might be wrong. 

Additionally, if your dog is drinking more water than usual or urinating more than its usual amount, you should take note of this and see a vet. On the flip side, if you notice your dog is not urinating or appears constipated, you should take your dog to see a veterinary professional. Problems urinating or defecating can be a sign of blockage or illness.

If your dog’s behavior switches from the typical demeanor, this can also indicate health problems.

When a dog struggles to walk around or starts to find stairs especially challenging, this can indicate health problems such as arthritis or an injury. Dogs with respiratory issues such as wheezing, sneezing, panting more than usual, and difficulty breathing may also be ill.

Overall, if Fido is hiding from you, vomiting, making unusual sounds, or has any of the symptoms listed above, they may be sick and should see a vet.

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