Male vs. Female Puppy: How To Pick

Presa Canario puppies are loveable, adorable, and a great addition to any family or home. The real question about dogs, however, isn’t about them being good pets, but choosing between males and females. From Presa Canario breeders to veterinarians, there are a few agreed-upon and distinct differences between the genders that potential puppy owners should know.

If you are thinking about an addition to your family, like one or maybe two amazing Presa Canario puppies to love, you won’t be disappointed. When picking between male and female puppies, though, here is what you should know.

Male vs Female Presa Canario Puppies 

The differences between gender for Presa Canario puppies (also called Canary Mastiffs) are generally subtle. Those differences are also most likely noticed in dogs that have not been spayed or neutered. 

Unneutered male dogs, for example, will instinctively mark everything and anything. Females will be prone to run or escape when in heat, in addition to finding another canine partner to procreate with too. 

For dogs that have been fixed, however, the gender differences are much more difficult to discern. Female dogs, in particular, as they age, will be more motherly by nature, making them good pets for small children. Grown male dogs, on the other hand, will more likely be indifferent or view a child as a play partner.

The Male vs Female Choice

The truth is, the gender of your puppy or dog should have less to do with your decision than the temperament and personality of the dog. Also, more important than the gender of your pet, is the care and history of your newest family member.

It is always a good idea to meet and interact with what could be the newest addition to your family first. And it is advisable to work with a reliable and trusted breeder too, like the Presa Canario breeders at D&G Breeders.

Presa Canario Breeders

For over 20 years, we at D&G Kennels have put our time and passion into becoming the foremost Presa Canario breeders in Georgia and in the United States. We have devoted ourselves wholly to the amazing Presa Canario breed, and our Presa Canario kennels are one of only a handful that have worked with the breed for so long. 

We have cultivated an exceptional group of Canary Mastiffs with award-winning pedigrees. Our Presa Canario puppies reflect the finest working ability, health, temperament, and physical structure of the breed, along with the diverse traits that exemplify these majestic dogs. 

D&G Kennels

Welcome to D&G Kennels, a family-owned and operated kennel committed to improving and highlighting the virtues of the Presa Canario breed. We deal solely in imports, with regular trips to the Canary Islands to select our breeding stock. If you are looking for a new puppy and an addition to your family, contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment today.