The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Presa Canario Puppy

Photo,of,a,presa,canario,puppy.The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Presa Canario Puppy

The Presa Canario, also known as the Canary Mastiff, is a large and powerful working dog breed that originates from the Canary Islands. Presa Canario puppies are adorable and have grown in popularity over the years. When selecting a new puppy, there are several important things to consider to ensure you are getting a healthy and well-trained pup. In this ultimate guide to choosing a Presa Canario puppy, we will cover everything you need to know before bringing home your new furry friend.

Research the Breed

Before you decide to bring a Presa Canario puppy home, research the breed to ensure it is the right fit for your lifestyle. This breed is known for being loyal and loving but is also territorial and protective. Presa Canarios are typically not recommended for first-time dog owners and require an experienced dog handler. They are also an energetic breed that requires regular exercise and training to keep them happy and healthy. If you work long hours and are not home often, a Presa Canario may not be the best dog breed for you.

Find a Reputable Breeder

The most important step in choosing a Presa Canario puppy is finding a reputable breeder. This ensures that your puppy is healthy and well-socialized. Look for breeders who have experience breeding Presa Canarios and have a good reputation in the dog breeding community. A reputable breeder will provide a health guarantee and should be willing to answer questions about the breed and specific puppy that you are interested in.

Ask for Health Certifications

Ensure the breeder has health certifications for the puppies and their parents. Presa Canarios have a predisposition to certain health conditions, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, skin allergies, and thyroid problems. The breeder should have health certifications that confirm both parents are free from these genetic health conditions. This guarantees that your puppy has the best chance of being healthy and free from any inherited diseases.

Meet the Parents

It is essential to meet the parents of the Presa Canario puppy you are interested in. Meeting the parents gives you an idea of the puppy’s temperament and personality, as they tend to inherit these traits from their parents. Additionally, seeing the parents can give you an idea of the size and appearance of the puppy as it grows up.

Look for a Well-Socialized Puppy

Ensure that the breeder is socializing their puppies from a young age. Presa Canarios are naturally protective, and proper socialization is crucial to ensure they do not become overly aggressive or fearful. A puppy that has been socialized from an early age is more likely to be well-adjusted and confident in a variety of situations.

Ask for Puppy Training Timeline

Ask the breeder how they are training their puppies. A good breeding program will follow a structured training program that includes socialization, obedience training, and early exposure to different environments and situations. Knowing what training your puppy has already received can help you prepare for future training and ensure a smooth transition into your home.

Consider Reputable Rescue Centers

If you are considering adopting a Presa Canario from a rescue center, ensure that the center is reputable and has experience with the breed. Reputable rescue centers will have information about the dog’s history, temperament, and medical history. It may also be helpful to hire a professional trainer to help you assess the dog’s behavior before adopting it.

Location and Shipping

If you have found a reputable breeder, ask about their location and whether they ship puppies. In-person visits allow you to assess the cleanliness of the breeder’s home and ensures that the puppy is living in a safe and healthy environment. If in-person visits are not possible, make sure to request pictures of the puppy and its living environment before making a purchase.


Choosing a Presa Canario puppy requires research, effort, and careful consideration. The key to getting a healthy and well-trained pup is selecting a reputable breeder who is knowledgeable about the breed and dedicated to producing high-quality puppies. Once you have found a breeder, ensure that the puppy has been well-socialized, has received proper training, and comes with appropriate health certifications. Meeting the parents is also essential to ensure that the puppy’s temperament and personality aligns with your lifestyle. In doing so, you can bring home the perfect Presa Canario puppy that will bring you joy and companionship for many years to come.